Packaging Design
Retail Design

As part of Casper’s internal design team, I worked with product designers, marketing, and engineers to design and develop a retail packaging system for all of Casper’s sleep products, introducing a direct to consumer brand into big box stores across the country. 

Retail Packaging Design

The Bedding Shop Experience Design

Retail Trial Room Wallpaper

Glow Packaging Design
+ Art Direction

Rendering by Six N. Five

Soft Bedding Packaging Design
Seasonal Illustration & Pattern Design

At Casper, I had the privilege of leading the design of retail and ecommerce packaging for their extensive range of sleep products. One standout achievement was the creation of a cutting-edge retail packaging system. To make our products truly stand out on shelves, we revolutionized pillow packaging by introducing compression techniques and a distinctive cylindrical format. This innovation not only captured attention but also ensured a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

In addition to packaging, I also had the opportunity to contribute to Casper's retail presence through the creation of printed collateral, captivating illustrations, and immersive installations. These elements played a crucial role in enhancing the brand's in-store experience and showcasing Casper's commitment to quality and design. Through my work at Casper, I successfully merged my passion for design and retail strategy to create impactful packaging solutions and engaging retail experiences. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the growth and success of a brand at the forefront of the sleep industry.