Soapmaker, Owner,
Identity & Packaging Design
Driven by a deep-seated passion for fragrances and the art of soapmaking, Cinco emerged as a boutique handmade soap brand, epitomizing the purity of natural ingredients and the allure of artisanal craftsmanship. My journey with Cinco began from scratch, involving the meticulous development of unique soap recipes, the iterative design of innovative packaging, and the creation of compelling visuals for our e-commerce platform. Each step was a celebration of the process and dedication to the craft, resulting in a brand that not only offers quality products but also embodies the essence of nature and artistry.
Cinco creates products that appeal to the five senses.


Naming, brand identity, packaging design, production, website design, typography, product design, photography, 3D rendering, layout, sales, customer service, etc...

About Cinco

At Cinco Studio, our philosophy is simple: Handmade is not just a process, it's a personal journey. Each piece we create is not just an object, but a narrative woven with intention and care. The beauty of our creations lies in their unique imperfections - where each irregularity tells a story, and every texture is a testament to the human hand. We don't just make products; we celebrate the art of craft. Every soap, every item in our collection, is a narrative of tradition, skill, and artistic expression. Our joy comes from offering you a selection of handcrafted goods that do more than just cleanse.

The Brand

Our brand celebrates craft, the typography is clean and simple, allowing the product to remain front and center. Custom illustrated icons represent each variety, inspired by the enivronment and key ingredients. The style of these icons reflect the soft materiality of our products at different stages of the making process.

The Soap

Our soap is inspired by nature, using only natural ingredients to create the scents, textures, and colors.  Our selection

Packaging Design

Our packaging is designed to be sustainable, cost effective and efficient. Made from one piece, it requres no glue and the closure is a simple and flexible rubber band. This keeps the product and packaging securely in place while flexing as the soap naturally shrinks with time.